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Back to Work

I’ve been back in Oregon for around 4 months now and almost halfway through my spring semester. I won’t be traveling around Europe any time soon, but one thing being in Europe has taught me is how much there is to appreciate at home.

It’s been unreasonably sunny in Oregon the past few weeks, which is great for photography. I’m currently taking a photography class for my major (electronic arts) and it’s been really great to come back from abroad and give myself an excuse to continue photography and even get college credits for it.

Our first assignment for the class was just working on basic composition and color. For the project we had to take photos with different compositions, monochrome color, complementary color and photos with no color at all. The photos below are my favorite from the group.

Hanging outside our dorm room on a sunny day. The grass remained wet, but it was nothing a few blankets couldn’t handle. My roommate was rocking the 90’s look and we were all having fun playing with her hula-hoop.

Complementary colors.

Somehow two of my roommates were wearing blue and orange on the day I just happened to need complementary colors. What intuitive roommates I have! I especially love the contrast between the texture in each shirt.


After wandering, my roommate Janelle and I ended up at 7-11, which just so happened to have complementary colored Slurpees.


Black and White photos.

For this part of the assignment we were not allowed to have any color in the photo, but we also weren’t allowed to change the image to black and white once the picture was taken. I had fun with the light and the blinds in my room.


My blinds with the fish-eye lens.



A star-light taken with the fish-eye.


My favorite photo of the group. The reflection of a tree in a very old and dirty bird bath. Originally the image was upside down, but I liked it flipped better.



Day 16: Vienna by Night

Sometimes the best photographs are the ones that you never planned to take.

When I set out to take photos I had some important buildings I wanted to visit, but along the way we got lost and found some even better secrets.

The first place we stopped at was the Parliament building, which I ride by everyday while going to school. For a week this place has been calling my name, but I haven’t had the time to visit it yet. Everyday it’s covered in tourists so going at night was a great idea.

The ramp up to the main entrance is my favorite, with a large curving road on both sides. I wish my driveway was this impressive.

After the parliament building Addison and I headed over to Hofburg Palace, the Habsburg’s winter residence. The palace is just as large and impressive as Schönbrunn, however it is more dark and cold. It was built to intimidate and feel like an important place for work, rather than a happy summer home.

Instead of going back out onto the main street (Ringstraße), we decided to go somewhere random, so we followed a group of well dressed men and women through the left side of the palace. This led us to a smaller courtyard with a clocktower and some more statues. While the finely dressed couples went inside the palace, we went out the back and ended up on a random street with little shops and Roman ruins buried in the ground.

Leaving the palace.

The ruins that were out in the middle of the square were called Ausgrabungen Michaelerplatz. They were part of a Roman legionary fortress. Now the bottom floor is covered in glittery coins that have been thrown down.

One of my favorite things about Vienna is the cobblestone streets. They remind me of an older time and although they can make it hard to walk its worth it to hear the clip-clopping of horse hoofs coming down the road.

We took a smaller road off to the left to see where it would take us and ended up by an old church, called the Minoriten-Kirche.

The following photo is probably my favorite so far. If I don’t take anymore good pictures this entire semester, it’s ok, because this one was worth it.

I love this picture too, mostly because of the cute old couple that was walking down the hall as I took it. They look so alone standing down there at the end of the hallway, but they have each other.

After taking photos of the church we decided to head back towards the main street. We wanted to get photos of the Opera House all aglow, but for some reason the lights of the actual Opera weren’t on. It still made for a pretty sight.

After the visiting the Opera House it was getting late so we parted ways and I headed back to my apartment. Along the way I had to stop at the bridge I cross to get to the Institute and take one last picture of the Donaukanal.

It was a great night of photography and it doesn’t feel like I was at Schönbrunn just that morning!