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Back to Work

I’ve been back in Oregon for around 4 months now and almost halfway through my spring semester. I won’t be traveling around Europe any time soon, but one thing being in Europe has taught me is how much there is to appreciate at home.

It’s been unreasonably sunny in Oregon the past few weeks, which is great for photography. I’m currently taking a photography class for my major (electronic arts) and it’s been really great to come back from abroad and give myself an excuse to continue photography and even get college credits for it.

Our first assignment for the class was just working on basic composition and color. For the project we had to take photos with different compositions, monochrome color, complementary color and photos with no color at all. The photos below are my favorite from the group.

Hanging outside our dorm room on a sunny day. The grass remained wet, but it was nothing a few blankets couldn’t handle. My roommate was rocking the 90’s look and we were all having fun playing with her hula-hoop.

Complementary colors.

Somehow two of my roommates were wearing blue and orange on the day I just happened to need complementary colors. What intuitive roommates I have! I especially love the contrast between the texture in each shirt.


After wandering, my roommate Janelle and I ended up at 7-11, which just so happened to have complementary colored Slurpees.


Black and White photos.

For this part of the assignment we were not allowed to have any color in the photo, but we also weren’t allowed to change the image to black and white once the picture was taken. I had fun with the light and the blinds in my room.


My blinds with the fish-eye lens.



A star-light taken with the fish-eye.


My favorite photo of the group. The reflection of a tree in a very old and dirty bird bath. Originally the image was upside down, but I liked it flipped better.



Photography is one of those hobbies that can be taken anywhere. As long as you’re willing to carry a camera, you’re good to go! Inspiration is everywhere, which is why it’s been difficult choosing some of my favorite places for photography.  Let’s see what I came up with!

Below is a map that I made of all the places I talk about. I’m not sure why it’s not showing up, but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll get it fixed!

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Oregon is a beautiful place. It has forests, multiple mountains, quite beaches and gorgeous rivers. I’ve seen a lot of Oregon and yet I still can’t get enough.

Probably one of the first places that pop into my mind when I think about Oregon is Portland. Portland has a lot to offer photography-wise. There are plenty of buildings, markets and people to keep any photographer on their toes. The Chinese Garden is a great place to take pictures too and it never hurts to stop by and grab Voodoo Donuts on the way out.


Mount Hood is another great place to visit. If you want to get out of the city and see the wilderness, Mount Hood is the place. Not only does it have great skiing, but it also has a multitude of hiking trails.


Multnomah Falls is a great waterfall for pictures, considering that you can walk right up to the front of it. There is also a trial the goes up to the top of the falls. A little less known is spot is Oneonta Falls. This waterfall is especially fun for pictures, because of its high walls and the logjam right at the beginning. However, be sure to bring a waterproof camera bag. You might have to swim.

One of the most diverse places for photography and probably one of my favorites is Bend. Bend has everything to offer: mountains, rivers, fields made entirely of volcanic rock and forests. Every season, Bend has something different. It’s an overall great place for photography.


Tired of the snow and high elevation? Oregon has plenty of wonderful beaches to offer. Most of the time the beaches are empty and often you can spot seals, pelicans and whales just off the shore. Basically any beach in Oregon is going to offer you a good time, but one of my favorites is Gold Beach, where the Rouge River meets the ocean.


So there you go! Now you have plenty of reasons to go out and enjoy the sun, take a little break from life and maybe end up with some great pictures. Feel free to leave a comment about some of your favorite places! I’m always looking for new adventures!