We started classes at the University of Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Our classes aren’t at the actual university building, but instead in the old city hospital, which when you think about it is a little creepy! Inside the building it’s easy to tell that the building was once a hospital, but outside there is a nice courtyard, with small pubs and during Christmas there is also a small Christmas market, which they’re preparing for now.

Inside the “University”. It’s easy to tell it was once a hospital, because of the long white halls and empty rooms.

From the outside the building is pretty plain, but the courtyard just out front is really nice.

The Courtyard.

The Weihnachten, or Christmas stalls. They are being set up in the  courtyard to prepare for the Christmas market. There are also similar ones in front of the Rathaus.

Our classes have been amazing. Our professor is very cool. Often times she looks like a cross between a hippie-pirate, but she pulls it off.

Annika, Addison and I are all in the same level, while Nick and Ari are in separate ones, but we sit apart in the class so that we don’t talk too much to each other. Most of the other students in the class don’t know one another and we are the youngest students there. Many of them are married with children and have been living in Vienna for a while.

The best part about classes is hearing from everyone’s different point of view. We have people from Italy, Romania, Iran, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, France, China and Turkey. It’s so interesting to hear about their different lives, the reasons for them moving to Vienna and their outlook on the world. Everyone in the class is eager to share their experiences and the best part is that in the classroom, we’re all equal. Everyone is just trying to learn.

*I’ve had classes for about a month now, but I’ve been so behind on my posts! The lectures are still going great!