Another day. Another hike.

The road we traveled up was just as steep as any of the others we’ve hiked on, but it took us only 40 minutes to travel up the hill.

This time we hiked up the other side of the valley, to the Strohlehen Alm. From this side we got a much better view of Dorfgastein and some of the craggier mountains off in the distance.

Strohlehen Alm was very cute. Like all the other houses around Drofgastein it was covered in flowers. Along the top of the outside wall hung old farmers tools, from rusted axes to rotten yokes to broken wheels. It was very quaint and it was obvious that the family had lived there for generations. We were also told that this particular Alm was a great place to visit in the winter when the snow covers the hillside and the only way to travel to the top is by a horse drawn carriage.

Outside there were tables where everyone sat and enjoyed the sun. Off to the right was a small place for children with swings and a playhouse. Naturally, all the waitresses were dressed in the traditional Dirndl.

August 15th is also Mariä Himmelfahrt or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. This means, for the little town of Drofgastein, that all banks, post offices and stores are closed. Although most days in Dorfgastein are quiet, today was especially so.