After our grueling hike down the mountain we all woke up sore and tired.

Thankfully were given a day off.

With so much free time we decided to go check out the Schwimmbad, or the pool.

Inside there was a spa, which unfortunately we did not have the money for, but we paid for the outdoor pool which was just as amazing. While in the water you could look out and see the mountains above you, the sky was blue and the water was just the right temperature.

The inner circle of the pool was two degrees warmer than the outside ring. There was also a colder pool down the hill, which had a slide. We went down the slide once, which really didn’t go very fast and we had to push ourselves down most of it, but mostly we stayed in the warmer inner circle and just enjoyed the sun.

That night we hiked an hour to dinner, basically straight up the mountain. It was both exciting and painful. Going up, Ewan ( our Scottish guide who works at the Institute as an English teacher) and Nick (another student in the same program as myself) were determined to make it to the restaurant without stopping for a break, so naturally we all arrived at the restaurant sweaty and red faced.

The food was great though and afterwards we had a lot of fun walking back down the hill waddling like penguins, because our legs hurt so much.