After getting a full nights rest, we headed to the Westbahnhof, or the train station in Vienna. From there we piled onto a train that would take us to Dorfgastein, a small village in the Alps. From Vienna to Dorfgastein it took us five hours, with a few stops here and there. After five hours we stepped off the train and were greeted by a large group of people who would be helping and teaching us during our stay in Dorfgastein. Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful.

Above is the view from our pension, looking out over the mountains and a few other houses in Dorfgastein. One of the interesting differences about Austria that I’ve noticed is the doors. The door to step out onto our balcony has three different “settings”. Turning the handle of the door down will lock the door, turning it sideways will open the door and allow you to step out and turning the handle up will turn the door into a window!

That day we got a tour of the town, which took about ten minutes, and then we had some free time before dinner. In my free time I went out onto the streets and took a few pictures of the town. Dorfgastein is a very stereotypical Austrian village. You can see from one end of the main street to the other, all the houses have gorgeous flowers hanging from the window, and there are HUGE mountains on all sides of the town. In the morning you can hear the cows moving about on the hillside because of the bells around their neck and on Sunday the church bells ring every hour.

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