I’ve already written a few blogs about random media related subjects, but now I’m going to switch over to posting about something a little more focused; photography. I grew up seeing pictures of my family and friends hanging all around the house, but it wasn’t until high school that I realized the art behind an image. The first time I picked up a camera and really tried to see a different world through the lens, I knew that I had found a lifelong passion. There is something amazing about the way looking through a camera can change your perspective on life. Suddenly, everything that seemed insignificant and small became important. Everything that was once mundane became beautiful. I also realized this was a chance for me to show other people how I see and in return for me to understand how others see the world. So, just like photography, I hope that blogging about something I have a passion for will allow me to show people the lens through which I see this incredible place we live.

The image below is the perfect example of how something so small and insignificant can become interesting when it’s put under the camera lens.


Green hopper (I.D anyone?)

Photo by: Greh Fox


In trying to write my own blog, there are a few blogs that I really enjoy reading and I hope that I can take some pointers from them. The first of my favorites is GoMediaZine. I love to “read” blogs with a lot of images. I think, in many cases, images speak louder than words and when I look at someone’s finished project I can take what I want from it and it inspires me to create my own images. In one of their most recent blogs GoMediaZine has posted shows a number of creative posters that I really enjoy. I also like to visit Art Wolfe’s blog every so often. I use to watch Art Wolfe’s show, Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge, on TV and ever since then he’s been one of my favorite photographers. Not only because his pictures are amazing, but also because he travels around the world, something that I also hope to do one day.