If I could change anything in the media world, it would be the way women are represented in media, specifically music videos. I’m sure that when many musicians are thinking about what to sing they’re not thinking about what standards they should live up to or what morals they should represent, but what how much money they can make.  Even if it’s not the musician’s choice to represent women in such a way, there’s someone out there who is making those decisions.

Some might argue that it’s not the responsibility of the musician to watch what they say and do, but if it’s not theirs then whose is it? We are all responsible for the types of messages we put out into the world and the types of messages we receive. If the treatment of women in music videos never played out in the real world then maybe it would be ok for women to be represented in such a manner, but the sad fact is that women are treated just as badly in the real world, if not worse. It’s not only the men’s responsibility to treat women fairly, but also women’s responsibility to treat themselves fairly. Those women in the music videos are not being forced to do anything they don’t want to, but I doubt they realize just how poorly they’re representing themselves and women in general. In the end it’s hard to point a finger at any one person in particular. People like you and me watch the videos, singers and dancers perform them, and businessmen make money off them. The main point is that we are all responsible for the representation of women in music videos and therefore we can all take a part in changing that representation.

Sut Jhally is an expert on this subject, check out a short clip from his video Dreamworlds 3.