After keeping track of my media consumption for about two and a half days, I realized that there is a pattern to my media usage. For the most part, my main connection to media sources is my computer. I use it frequently throughout the day and usually right after class.  I’ve found that I only turn on my computer to look at my email or to research something for a class, but after I’ve finished with that task I will usually take a detour to other sites like Facebook, Netflix, Hulu. Sometimes I even listen to my music on iTunes.

This is definitely a habit that I’ve slowly gotten accustomed to ever since I acquired my own laptop and started using sites like Facebook. I can remember that before I had a laptop, the television was my main source of media consumption, and although I have a television in my room, I usually only turn it on once a week; compared to the five or six times I turned on my computer. Also now that television shows can often be found online through sites like Hulu, Xfinity, Youtube, and Netflix, there is much less of a reason to turn on the television.

Is the fact that I take detours to other websites every time I go on my computer to do homework something to worry about? In truth it’s hard to say whether or not my habits are detrimental, but I have noticed that because I take detours to other sites the amount of media I am being exposed to has increased dramatically. I believe that my media consumption allows me to stay connected to people and events around the world and in that sense it benefits me to go onto Facebook or Twitter, but it also takes away time I could have used to go out into the real world and create my own experiences.