My most memorable media encounter over the years has to be the TV show Friends. It’s strange, because I never watched it while it was on TV, but my family and I began to go to the beach a lot, even in the winter when it was pouring rain, and since we didn’t have cable my parents decided to bring out Friends on DVD. Immediately my whole family loved the sitcom and soon we were watching it over and over again. After thirteen years I still haven’t gotten tired of it and I don’t think I will any time soon.

Friends has become more than just something to do to pass the time, I’ve come to know and love the characters as if they were real and apart of my own life. Not only do I know each of the character’s “life” stories, but thinking about Friends reminds me of my own memories. For example, the time my friends and I watched the one with Brad Pitt and ate ice cream, while giggling or watching the one where Phoebe gets married in the snow while it hailed right outside my own house or even watching the one where Ross and Rachel break up while sitting wrapped up in a blanket by the fire.

I think a lot of people tend to believe that watching TV is a very anti-social thing to do, but in a lot of ways it’s also a great way to bond with people and my experience with Friends has taught me that. When I watch Friends I’m socializing with others who like to watch the show and creating memories with them. This attitude towards the sitcom also applies to any other show that I watch, and it also applies to movies and music.